Sunday School

Sunday School classes are held weekly from 9:00-10:00 a.m. There are a variety of classes to choose from. Nursery class is held in the Church Nursery for children infant up to age 5. Classes for Kindergarten through grades 6 are held in Fellowship Hall. Confirmation classes are located above the Adult Sunday School Room, while the Ladies Sunday School Class and mens’ Ben Burns Class are held in the lower level. Contemporary class is located in the Martin Luther Memorial Library.


Pre-baptismal counseling is given to all parents having their child baptized. St. John’s teaches that Baptism is necessary for salvation, that the grace of God is offered through Baptism, and that children should be baptized, being being offered to God through Baptism they are received into his grace. For more information, please contact the pastor.


Confirmation classes for you begin in grade 7. Classes are held in Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour. First year classes are instructed on the Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer, Old Testament, New Testament, and how all this relates to our religious life.
Second year classes (8th graders) learn about the Creeds, the Sacraments, Old Testament, New Testament, faith life, and Christian responsibilities.
Upon entering 9th grade, student design their Confirmation stolls, with Confirmation taking place in October at Reformation.


First Communion classes are held in May. Youth in grades 3 and above receive instruction on what it is, why we take Communion, its meaning and purpose, how to prepare for it and when one is ready to begin receiving it.

St. John’s teaches that the body and blood if Christ are truly present in the bread and wine that is received by those who eat in the supper of the Lord.