At the beginning of each day, each child hangs up their coat and backpack to encourage self-reliance. Free Play Time includes activities that might help refine dexterity and coordination, might offer a child perceptual stimulation, develop imagination, encourage independence, and just be fun. Teachers are available to stimulate make-believe, explain a game, get them started in play activity or just listen.

Circle Time is a group time when we talk about the theme or lessons for the day. This may be done with a story, filmstrip, flannel board, or puppet. Through discussion of stories, we work on memory skills, sequencing and expanding vocabulary. The children also learn the social skills of listening, taking turns and speaking in complete sentences. Show and Tell is done at this time.

At Snack Time, children help pass out the napkins and snack. We learn to experience new foods and learn to thank God for His gifts. We work on good manners and encourage quiet conversation.

Following snack, the class may work on a paper at this time. The 3 -year old class does mainly coloring, which enhances small motor development skills and encourages completing a task, as well as following specific directions. The 4-year old class will work in many Kindergarten readiness skills. They, too, will be working on specific concepts, following directions, developing independent thinking and problem solving skills.

One day a week we have Gym Class in our Fellowship Hall. This provides a large area to work on large motor skills with group games and activities involving balls and other equipment.

One day a week is set aside for special stories.

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