The NRSV Bible is used for Trivia insights.

The word “love” is used 46 times by Jesus in the 4 Gospels.

The word “love” is found 191 times in the books of the New Testament.

The word “love” is found 543 in the whole of the Bible.

The word “peace” is found 24 times in the 4 Gospels.

The word “peace” is found 298 times from Genesis to Revelation.

According to Genesis 5:27 Methuslah lived to the age of 969 years, and was the oldest living man in history.

Noah lived to the age of 950 (according to Genesis 9:29).

Adam lived to be 930 (according to Genesis 5:5).

When you see the word LORD (all in capital letters) in the Old Testament it replaces the name of God which no Jew would ever say out loud.

The word for “Lord” is “adonai”.

God gives His people several names for himself, the most prevalent is “Yahweh” which he gave to Moses at the burning bush which means “I am who I am”. (Exodus 3:14)

Other names given for God include “Elohim” and “El-Shaddai”.